Our expert experience and knowledge in the field of fuel injection and turbochargers is well known in the Gauteng region.

The company joined the ADCO Franchise network in 2004 and has a staff of 20 which includes five highly qualified diesel technicians and two qualified turbo and injector specialists.

Our hi-tech workshop undertakes dynamometer testing and tuning, engine rebuilds, general servicing, electronic trouble shooting and has the largest exchange unit service in the country. The company has a 24 hour emergency number – 082 458 1572.

Along with state-of-the-art equipment, the company is totally committed to training at every level ensuring new and existing staff are kept abreast of the latest in fuel injection technology.

We are distributors of Biago and IHI Turbochargers along with well known brands of fuel injection products such as: Delphi (CAV), Denso, Stanadyne, Bosch, Yanmar and Zexel.



By adjusting your diesel out of specification, it will shorten the life of your vehicle.

Tuning the fuel system above factory settings is strongly discouraged because engine performance and longevity were tested and set to factory specifications.

This together with other changes such as air intake and exhaust flow, could result in extreme tempretures. This will shorten component life in turbochargers and injectors, pistons, etc…

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